mails danach aus vielen Welten

I commend you all for the outstanding job you did organizing everything and have to say I really felt well taken care of while there. Everyone was extremely considerate, thoughtful and helpful [...] Having the tent to meet up after performances and for lunch was such a great opportunity to build the community and connections among everyone. Muenster is a beautiful city and I found the German hospitality exceptional and people where quite friendly which made me feel welcomed in your city! I hope we will meet again along the road of Madness!

Anita / Kanada


[...] Das Festival war klasse! Außergewöhnlich und besonders berührend und ..... noch vieles mehr! Vielen, vielen Dank!

Gerlinde / Deutschland


I myself, Piotr, his mom and Veronika are overwhelmed by positive emotions. It was a great experience to meet all the different people with their individual approach to theatrical communication, to madness. [...] This all adds up to my ideas about “contacting” the so called “healthy” audiences. Thank you for all the opportunities Big kisses!

Kasia /Polen


It was really great getting to meet you in Muenster. It was truly high energy experience. Show was great, Osmo Halle was such a dream location, as far as my aesthetics go, this is as good as it gets, place that “La Fura Dels Baus” would choose to perform in. I also appreciate you`ve made such an effort to place uv lights for my outfits. Of course, it is not very Dark Star to walk around barefoot and fit was somewhat misplaced, but I loved the show as unity and music couldn`t get closer to ideal than it was. [...] So thank you again. Long email, but I wanted you to know what a bright and joyous event that was for me, with the twist, of course. So festival is over, but we are still mad….. Greetings and success with your projects

Ivona / Niederlande


We not only had a wonderful time but it allowed so many of us (myself included) to experience new sensations and takes part in something that is not only theatre but a profound human experience. Well once again, thank-you and all involved with madness festival. I will keep in touch. Good luck for the rest……Besos

Sarah / Italien


meine fließende gedankenkette


Stephan US / Deutschland


Danke Manfred,
I would like to thank Paula and you and the rest of the wonderful organisation, that you set up. Everybody we encounter was extraordinary. I thought I was coming up to an international theatre festival, but I quickly find out it was much more than that. I love the idea that the madness was the driving force of the festival but was not the main focus of attention. You find a right balance, indeed the performances were such more than pieces performed also by disable, they spoke to the all society and as all community the companies were formed by different types of people. Making madness, and illness, the topics of discussion without making it the only one was perhaps your greater achievement. Everything has to be created starting from an aesthetical point of view. You made us sail in clear waters and avoid al the niche traps into which this form of art so often falls. It was the best of times.

I keep listening to the song of the festival and every time I get goose bumps, feel the urge to cry, smile, laugh and dance… I read the interview of Paula when she said that she stood up in

Canada when heard Lisa Brown saying, that she would love to have the festival moving around the world. So here it goes my bold jump up. I don`t normally like to jump the gun and move before I have something concrete in my hands. But following the lead of Paula, as she did in Toronto, I will for once make jump in the unknown and uncertain and follow the dream before having a well organize plan in my hand. I know that I will need a lot of funds both be the private and the public sector. I will have to stretch out and use all my connection and definitely need to find new ones.

But you offer me a dream and I will fight with all my heart and brain for it

Dank vom Herzen
Matteo Testino, Genua (I)