German Premiere – Accademia della Follia / Triest / Italy

Date: Monday, May 1st 2006, 8 pm
Place: Theater im Pumpenhaus
Duration: approx. 60 minutes
Language: Italian with German surtitles

Wherever DIVERCITY – the city of the divers – might be, remains a mystery. It is certain however that it can only be reached by the adventurous path of longing – and, once entered, one feels what turns man into his most elemental with the force of the sea: dance, music and love. In an associative play with dance, musical and theatrical elements 10 performers with experience in psychiatry and 8 professional dancers become accomplices on stage. They give their fantasies of revue, ballet and cabaret a shape in an incredibly moving, sensual and self-ironic way. Italian arias, schmaltz-pieces like “Love Me Tender” , the dying swan and text passages by R.D. Laing flood, caress and intoxicate each other reciprocally in an oscillating scenography. Because of the irresistible desire to touch everything that connects people and not what separates them. Luckily love colours everything differently – time, the world, thoughts and sounds. Love shows itself in its truthful craziness in this mysterious place, DIVERCITY. And how can one love without being crazy? “Love is craziness!”, says Claudio Misculin and he would have to know. He founded the “Accademia della Follia” 30 years ago and has since realised almost 200 theatrical, cultural projects with psychiatry-tested people and professionals with immense vitality. The Italians finally surface!

Actors: Claudio Misculin, Gabriel Palmano, Donatella Di Gilio, Guiseppe Denti, Livio Struja, Dario Kuzma, Guiseppe Feminiano, Antonella Carlucci, Stefano Giacca / Sarah Taylor, Max Campagnani, Valentina Massa, Carmelo Farina, Laura Antonelli, Alejandro Sanchez, Claudio Ziliotto, Enzo Taurisano, Laura Morandini Choreography/Direction: Sarah Taylor, Claudio Misculin, Max Campagnani