„Hamlet, have you taken your medicine?“

Date: Saturday, May 6th 2006, 6 pm
Place: Theater im Pumpenhaus / Basement

presents itself as an audio visual performance with German and Polish actors after an idea from Katarzyna Winska.

The artistic director of the „Opera Buffa“ from Warsaw works with a very unconventionally experimental concept: Audio and Video recordings provide the basis for the theatrical live-act. In November 2005, Katarzyna Winska came to Münster and produced sound tapes with people, who already had experience in psychiatry.

For the festival she will come with three actors from her ensemble who will meet their colleagues here.

After a joint phase of work with actors from Poland and Münster, she will show the results of this open project.

About K. Winska:

She founded the „Opera Buffa“ in the end of the 90s, her ensemble of 10 to 15 actors consists of patients of the Institute for Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw. So far they have produced six productions, some of which appeared in international festivals.