Date: Tuesday, May 16th 2006, 7 pm
Place: Cinema
Language: German

Something has thrown Kira off track. What it is she herself doesn’t seem to know exactly anymore. “Maybe I was just too sad” she thinks once, smoking indifferently, distanced. After a stay in the psychiatric clinic Kira now returns home. Into an outwardly well organised life with her two little sons and husband Mads, who ends his affair with Kiras sister to force a fresh start in middle class normality. His wife however moves around the once familiar surroundings like a stranger, she feels out of place, keeps forgetting herself, provokes embarrassing situations and actual scandals. On the other hand she also experiences moments of extreme happiness, and pure, uninhibited passion in her radical mood swings. To some she seems unconventional, to others simply insane. Mads doesn’t feel capable of dealing with this balancing act and helplessly holds on to his set of rules of societal norms. However, if he wants to save the love and the relationship for both of them he will have to rethink his expectations of normality and illness from the very start.

The fascinating portrait of a completely unusual woman in a psychic crisis. Both a moving and an impulsive love story, incredibly sensitive and at the same time acted with the readiness to open borders. Director Ole Christian Madsen wrote “Kira” with Morgens Rukov (“Das Fest”) and directed it following the Dogma-rules – personally, un-idealised and bursting with life.

En Kaerlighedshistorie. Denmark 2001. 93 min. Director: Ole Christian Madsen. Screenplay: Ole Christian Mad and Morgens Rukov. Camera: Jorgen Johansson. Editing: Soren B. Ebbe. Starring: Stine Stengade (Kira), Lars Mikkelsen (Mads), Sven Wollter (Kiras father), Peaches Latrice Peterson (Kay) and others.