Date: Tuesday, June 13th 2006, 7 pm
Place: Cinema
Language: with German subtitles

The psychiatric clinic Waldau in an almost idyllic park setting close to Bern, looks back onto a productive history rich in art. The authors Robert Walser and Friedrich Glauser for example found their place of work and refuge here, as well as the painter Adolf Wölfli, grandfather of the art Brut. The psychiatrist Walter Morgenthaler recognised and promoted Wölflis talent at the time, gave him the freedom for his artistic creations and founded the art collection Waldau, which now houses 3000 pieces of art by patients. In this documentation the filmmaker from Bern Alfredo Knuchel dedicates himself to the presence of the mind of the famous place of healing and home. He observes people at work. For example the patient Philippe Saxer, who is bound to a wheelchair after a jump out the window and paints large pictures against fear. Jonas Konrad, who unites Tony Blair and George Bush into one hand in enigmatically funny collages. Margrit Roth, who mirrors the condition of her own soul with fine-lined sketches. The artistic expression of visions, wishes and phobias fascinates him, but he is careful to celebrate the process of creation as a complete therapy. Two people who work in the institution also have their say in an everyday contrast to these dreamy head-worlds. The locksmith Heinz Feldmann, who is the administrator of the art collection. And the painter Otto Frick, who amusedly notes that the people come to him to paint - and leave as artists. A straightforward, sensitive documentary about six creative patients and two craftsmen.

Switzerland 2004, 87 mins. Director and Screenplay: Alfredo Knuchel. Camera: Peter Guyer, Norbert Wiedmer. Editing: Stefan Kälin. With: Philippe Saxer, Gordian Hannemann, Honas Konrad, Daniel Curty, Otto Frick and others.