Wellenlänge – Professional artists and artists from the area of psychiatry are presented together in an exibition.

Opening: Sunday, April 30 2006, 3 pm
Duration: 30.04. – 1.10.2006
Place: Kunsthaus Kannen, Alexianerweg 9, 48163 Münster
Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 1 – 5 pm, entrance free of charge

The title is the program of this exhibition. Artists from psychiatry and professional artists met in a dialogue project. Lisa Inckmann, leader of the Kunsthaus Kannen and curator of this exposition, has approached visual artists from all walks of life and encouraged them to put themselves into relationships with each other. The artistic correspondence developed on different planes and was created in a multi-faceted way – through personal contacts, united studio word or inspired through the works themselves: An open process  that set wave movements of different temperaments in motion, which found themselves in the creative dynamic. Sometimes a tiny impulse, released by an image or a photo was enough to initiate a continuing artistic movement. Or the own characteristic style was shaped and supported more strongly. Works that include all visual media, such as drawings, painting, photography, film, installation and performance, emerged from the creative process.

Wellenlänge presents the suspensefully directed works of artistic partnerships.