Visual artists, fashion designers, art students and creative people from all walks of life were called in a Europe-wide advertisement to find the according form of psychological illness patterns in their corresponding media with their specific creative means, and to design pioneering “madness & arts” collections.

The ideas that we have of psychological illnesses and people with psychological malfunctions are often diffuse, full of fear and isolating. Our images of illnesses are often projections without background and the usual clichés. It is time to break out of the limited frame of sight and the corset of norms of thought. The madness & arts catwalk invites people to risk a radical new view onto the breaking points between psychological health and illness, to be presented insane ideas without limitations and seduced to craziness.

65 models from 25 applicants from Finnland, the Netherlands, Austria and Germany were chosen from a variety of sent in design sketches. The designed collections show unusual aesthetics and set new fashion parameters through the force of their charisma. They are now presented in a theatrically directed catwalk.

Welcome to a border crossing on the catwalk!

A  jury, Anette Görtz (Diplom Fashion Designer, Gütersloh), Viktoria Greiter (Professor for Fashion Design, HAW Hamburg), Prof. Timm Ulrichs (Artist, Münster) will appoint the prize winners.

The first prize is 2000 €, the second 1000 € and the third 500 €.

In addition there will be a prize for the audience winner.

Place: Osmo Hallen
Date: Friday, May 5th 2006, 10 pm
Idea/Concept: Paula Artkamp Choreography: Tamami Maemura Music: Kai Niggemann