As artists we are nomads but still have a homeland: the theatre is our ideal place of desire for all questions and desires of life. The answers, if there are any, and the secrets are beyond spiritual borders and other limitations. The search for sense and nonsense is a must and in art we can solve the difference between delusion and reality.

Our hopes for the madness & arts worldfestival II have all come true and we succeeded in bringing a special world to Münster, to create a crazy and contagious festival time. Looking back, innumerous experiences emerge that should be mentioned, touching encounters and theatre performances full of aesthetic impact and grace. The festival was not one of competition, but of exchange, of connection with the future, where possibilities of co-operations can sprout. Diverse artistic approaches had in common to touch the heart deeply. It was an exiting and moving time, whose theme was the spiritual disruption, but with so much soul and dedication.

We still get raving feedback from audience and participants. The 2nd world festival is over, but hopefully it will continue - 2009 in Genoa.

We wish luck and success.

Paula Artkamp and Manfred KerklauFestival Directors