An interactive performance by Stephan US

The festival wanted to carry the question of the concept of craziness and normality into the public area. What was closer than to turn to Stephan US with this request. The established concept artist had already achieved international recognition with his ”Archive of Nothing“ and social sculptures. As a visual artist, he stands for participating actions of art. Being notoriously curious and precisely charming, he prefers to go into live investigations and within the frame of ”madness & arts“ he went into a lunatic search for the very normal insanity.

”How crazy is normal?“ - This question was asked by US and his crew of students hundreds of times on the streets of Münster. Always in the area of the Streamliner (the festival mobile), which for 10 days was placed on 4 different locations in the city center of Münster. Between church and consumption, museum and pedestrian area.

Passers-by reactions to this crucial question ranged from indignant deferral ”But I am not crazy!“ to willing narration of own experiences. The „craziest moments“ of the pedestrians were caught on tape and film. Documented stories and filmed interviews could be seen in the festival mobile in a continuous exhibition. The shortest answer to the madness-question was: „I am a priest“, others were obviously relieved to be finally able to speak about their follies, and others again referred to their lives as ”normally normal“. Frequent perception of these citizens: ”My life is boring - unfortunately.“

From 60 ”participants“ of this interactive performance, two were selected and given the decoration as ”Münster's most crazy normal person.“