Welcome to the madness & arts worldfestival II,

the theatre is our ideal place of longing for all questions of life that only have answers beyond the borders of our thoughts. Where we embark on the quest for sense and nonsense, where we dissolve the difference between insanity and reality into art. On stage we do not differentiate between normality and illness. In everyday life we do. Theatre Sycorax has now worked with artists for whom life in the tension area between psychological health and illness is normality and routine for ten years. And who generate their own impressive strength from exactly that.

Societal discussions with the phenomenon of mental illness take place in a more or less limited way in a variety of forms. There are treatment methods for every mental diversion, categorisations for every mental state, pills against every mood. But still no cure for the stigmatisation of those people who are called crazy, whose creativity breaks out across borders irritatingly. However, we create publicity and thus awareness through our continuous artistic work. We open new rooms and realities through which we convince. An experience which theatre makers are having around the globe. Reason enough to call for global madness!

The world festival madness & arts, that we are proudly organising in Münster, will bundle these creative potentials, give them a forum on a wide stage and set impulses against exclusion. Professional artists, who in a multifarious way and based on different experiences will discover the fractures between psychological health and illness, are coming together on the European continent for the first time. Theatre groups which work in isolation all too often but belong in the limelight with their shimmering, independent, insane art. Ensembles that stand for authenticity, absurdity, powerful imagery and forceful association, that have become a rarity in established theatres. During the preparation of the festival we went to countless countries for research purposes and saw various productions which highlighted the endless image spectrum of the world of delusion, that kidnapped us into all thinkable head -, and emotional worlds. Ten pieces of work that surprised, filled us with enthusiasm and touched us especially are invited to enter an artistic exchange.

„madness & arts” will set obvious signs and turn creative insanity into a topic which nobody will be able to pass by. In addition to the theatre performances we present a row of talks, a series of films, symposia, workshops, an art exhibition and the „madness-collection on the catwalk”.

We look forward to cross-border inspirations, a network with future character, a theatre world without borders. In short, to the chance of experiencing an unforgettable time and exciting encounters together.

We thank all our supporters and those who enabled the festival madness & arts in Münster.

Paula Artkamp and Manfred Kerklau